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” Mere knowledge is not enough,
it also needs to be

J. W. Goethe


Many entrepreneurs have learnt in practice that conducting business activity in Poland is related to tax and legal risks. We should remember that such risk does not only include the need to pay tax arrears together with interest, but in the case of taxpayers who are legal persons – also the legal liability borne by the individuals responsible for conducting business affairs.

The risks bearing the most severe consequences are those which are not known. Therefore, it is pivotal to identify tax and legal risks. Only clearly specified risks may be eliminated during the risk management process.

As part of our support, we will help you identify and effectively manage:

  • tax settlements in the context of potential inspections from tax authorities,
  • IT systems aimed to support the taxpayer in the process of calculating taxes,
  • internal circulation of documentation in the enterprise,
  • the process of preparing tax returns and the invoicing process,
  • the liability of members of the board and individuals responsible for tax settlements,
  • the legal framework in which the company functions in the context of requirements related to the labour law, social security as well as trade and civil law regulations.

Tax and legal risk management in the abovementioned areas are facilitated not only by periodical reviews of tax settlements and contracts, but also by the implementation of tax procedures taking into account the specific nature of the company and aimed to minimise tax risks, as well as appropriate templates of trade contracts.