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” Mere knowledge is not enough,
it also needs to be

J. W. Goethe

Accounting, HR and Payroll

Bookkeeping is one of the services provided by tax advisors. We keep accounting records and provide other accounting services to natural persons, civil-law partnerships and commercial companies operating on the whole territory of Poland.

We maintain the following records for the benefit of our Customers:

  • accounting books (books of account, full accounting),
  • income records for taxpayers paying lump sum tax,
  • revenue and expense ledgers,
  • tax records for the purposes of the value added tax (VAT records),
  • records and lists of fixed assets,
  • other types of tax records and documentation.

On behalf of the customers, we draft and file tax declarations and returns, prepare financial statements, reports for statistical and other purposes, develop accounting principles and implement accounting policies and constantly supervise accounting records kept in the customer’s seat.

When in possession of accounting data, we are able to prepare reports which help comprehensively evaluate the standing of the company in terms of assets, finance and profit, as well as ratio analyses facilitating the monitoring of the company’s situation: its liquidity, profitability and productivity.

Thanks to financial reporting, analyses and reports, entities that use our services may be informed of potential threats, such as e.g. loss of liquidity, on an ongoing basis.

We provide comprehensive HR and payroll services, in particular we:

  • calculate employee remuneration, taking into account the extras, bonuses and deductions due resulting from legal provisions, contracts concluded, work and remuneration regulations,
  • determine rights and calculate sickness benefits,
  • prepare payrolls,
  • prepare pay slips,
  • keep benefit cards,
  • calculate advances on personal income tax,
  • prepare bank transfer orders for payroll,
  • prepare bank transfer orders for advances on personal income tax and social security contributions,
  • file applications for social insurance and file changes to the details of individuals covered by that insurance,
  • perform duties in the area of calculating social security contributions and filing declarations with the Social Insurance Institution in the electronic system (ZUS DRA, ZUS RCX, ZUS RSA, ZUS RZA),
  • prepare information for the insured employees on RMUA forms,
  • prepare and send declarations of income achieved in a tax year (PIT-11, PIT-40),
  • verify invoices for contracts of mandate in terms of compliance with tax regulations and social security regulations,
  • prepare contracts of employment,
  • prepare terminations of contracts of employment,
  • prepare work certificates,
  • issue salary certificates,
  • keep personal files of employees,
  • keep working time records,
  • report companies to the State Labour Inspectorate.

In each case we adjust the scope of services we provide to the individual needs of the employer.