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” Mere knowledge is not enough,
it also needs to be

J. W. Goethe

Tax planning

Within the broadly understood planning, we serve our Customers with our competence in the scope of economic and legal reorganisation of companies, including mergers, demergers and acquisitions. At the interface of the tax law and the companies law, our services include support in determining a secure and effective company structure.

We support the Customer in purchasing or disposing of enterprises. The abovementioned services include primarily tax due diligence of the purchased or acquired entity, the analysis of existing contracts and support in preparing new ones in order to minimise tax risks, support in negotiations or company valuations.

The activities of a number of business entities at the international stage make it necessary to include the Community legislation and international tax law in tax planning and current operations. Our advisors are individuals with expertise in cooperation with tax authorities from other countries, as well as in applying regulations resulting from tax treaties or relevant EU directives.

If you purchase or dispose of an enterprise with our support, you can use our rich experience in that area and significantly limit risks.

Our advisory services related to structural consultancy include in particular:

  • selecting a secure and effective legal form of business activity,
  • conducting processes of capital or organisational restructuring of companies,
  • tax analysis of transformations, mergers, demergers and liquidation of entities,
  • advising on the purchase and sale of shares,
  • interpreting and explaining legal, accounting and tax issues related with the abovementioned matters,
  • preparing tax opinions and commentaries, taking into account the applicable tax law regulations in the scope of tax treaties and Community law,
  • advising on and helping in the application of the international and Community tax law,
  • advising on helping in the application of tax treaties,
  • advising on and helping in the application of the VAT tax to intra-Community and international transactions,
  • advising in the scope of foreign exchange regulations,
  • advising in the scope of international matters related to transfer pricing.