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” Mere knowledge is not enough,
it also needs to be

J. W. Goethe

Mergers, demergers, capital groups

Serious tax problems in many companies begin only at the stage of transformations and restructuring. It is when financial departments must confront the need to settle non-standard transactions.

We provide tax advisory services both within transactions for the purchase and sale of organised assets and individual assets.

We provide our customers with comprehensive support in the restructuring of companies (mergers, demergers contributions, liquidations, asset reorganisation). We make every effort to combine the highest efficiency with minimum risk and maximum security of the Customer’s interests.

Our services related to transaction and restructuring consultancy include:

  • performing due diligence,
  • preparing the tax strategy for transactions or restructuring,
  • analysing tax risk of implemented strategies,
  • supporting negotiations in the scope of conditions of transactions,
  • monitoring tax matters on an ongoing basis and advising during the transaction,
  • providing support in the field of correct tax settlement of the conducted transactions and restructuring.