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” Mere knowledge is not enough,
it also needs to be

J. W. Goethe

Reviews and current matters

Proper and efficient advisory services in the scope of current fulfilment of tax obligations and the security of tax settlements is the foundation for our cooperation with the Customer developed on the basis of mutual trust.

On the basis of our expertise and knowledge we try to support our Customers in order to minimise potential tax risks.

We offer our Customers a review of selected tax items in order to diagnose potential tax risks and the options to increase the security of legal and tax settlements.

Our advisory services related to current tax consultancy include in particular:

  • advising in the scope of lawful tax planning, as well as preparing, implementing and developing the tax strategy,
  • creating contracts and analysing them in terms of tax security,
  • applying to the Minister of Finds on behalf of the Customer in order to obtain a binding interpretation of the tax law provisions,
  • analysing current issues in the area of the PIT, CIT, VAT taxes and other public levies,
  • developing legal and tax opinions, interpretations and explanations in the scope of binding tax law provisions,
  • advising in the scope of applying tax policy and balance sheet policy instruments,
  • informing about changes to tax provisions,
  • reviewing tax settlements in order to diagnose existing tax risks and the options to hedge against them,
  • preparing detailed analyses of selected areas of public settlements,
  • analysing internal procedures and their impact on the scale of tax risk and adaptation capabilities in view of changing provisions of law,
  • indicating initial options of limiting the diagnosed risks.