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Wisdom is the ability
use the experience
his and someone else’s.”

Z. Trzaskowski

About us

Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of our team allows us to take into account all aspects of the matter, not only the issue of tax law, and this translates to complex service regardless of the complexity and scale of the problem.

We also aim to provide our Customers with up-to-date information on the benefits or threats resulting from the changing legal provisions. We achieve this through publications and commentaries posted on our website.

Our activity is subject to strict rules of professional ethics applicable in the National Chamber of Tax Advisors which is compulsory for all Tax Advisors. As we are practising a profession of public trust we are subject to the statutory obligation of professional secrecy on the same terms as lawyers and legal counsels. This obligation regards all information obtained from the Customer in relation to providing the services of tax advisory and is guaranteed by court. We also bear penal and fiscal liability.

Our company has additionally adopted principles of providing services which guarantee proper performance of the contracted affairs.

The rules


The profession of a tax advisor is connected with special responsibility for the entrusted matters. Customer’s trust is the primary condition for the proper performance of the profession. In our actions we make sure that we do not let our Customers down. We are obliged to maintain utmost secrecy regarding all information obtained from our Customers, including documents, notes, files, etc. We also build trust through clear rules of settlements with customers and consistently high standard of services provided.


As each legal advisor and lawyer, we are familiar both with tax law and other fields of the law. We know how to interpret and apply them. We do not accept an instrumental approach to the law: therefore we not only apply the literal meaning of legal provisions but we primarily take into account the purpose of the regulations and their system framework. We treat the law as our life’s passion, spending each free moment to improve our skills. As I understand it, the law is a live organism undergoing constant evolution and determining certain social activities.

Simple explanations

The law is for the people – this is our motto when explaining legal and tax institutions to our Customers. We pay special attention to the uninterrupted and clear communication with the Customer and the proper use of the Polish language. In line with the principles of good practice, we care for the correctness and clarity of expressions when providing advice, explanations and opinions.

Acting in the interest of the customer

We are always on your side – this obvious truth often seems to be absent in the relationship between the advisor in the Customer. In our work, we place a very large emphasis on identifying with the legal and life situation of the Customers. In the case of Customers who are entrepreneurs, it often requires a careful study of the industry or familiarisation with e.g. the production processes in the Customer’s plant. We treat it as obvious that we will make every effort permitted by law which may be made in the interest of the Customer in a given matter, regardless of the type of contract binding us with the Customer.


Contact with the Customer as a person who trusted us and applied to receive professional help is a very important aspect of the Company’s operations. An adequate ethical and intellectual level is necessary to practice this profession.


The basic tasks of each of the tax advisors are to constantly improve their qualifications and broaden the scope of professional experience. Continued changes in the law and the dynamic development of legal sciences require great self-discipline and perfect organisation. Apart from training, we use professional magazines, legal literature and electronic databases of legal provisions together with judicial decisions.